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One Quality Happy People Share

April 8, 2019

95.4% of the time I’m THIS HAPPY. 😁

I was listening to an audiobook & then a documentary about happiness and they both said something that stuck with me- happy people RETURN to happiness faster than their peers. Their regular, general, most of the time state is HAPPINESS. They find joy. They “come back” to happiness during + after hardship. 

And I realized that, most of the time, that is me, too. I return to happiness. 
My natural state is a smiley, goofy, joking about the littlest things, making laugh lines around my eyes kinda state. 

Any time I go for more than a few days without my bubbly self, it becomes so apparent to me. I ask myself, when is the last time I smiled? Why does my face feel so frozen in doom and gloom? Why am I angry? I notice it before other people do. 

But why?

I believe I am successful in my pursuit of daily happiness because I chose several years ago to prioritize my mental health above EVERYTHING, most of the time. Life is not so black + white so I cant say I uphold this value all the time, since sacrifices occassionally need to be made. Life will happen. Things will become more important for a time. 

BUT, the value I hold most dear is my mental wellbeing and I’ve made my decisions to work harmoniously with that. Many decisions had to be made, but they were easy to make (most of them) since I believed in my pursuit. I chose a job that aligns with my personality & skillset & let’s me flourish without sucking my energy behind a desk. I moved to a different apartment when my landlord stressed me out unfairly. I choose the people in my circle with intention + focus. I evaluate how I spend my time. I examine my life on an ongoing basis. I *think* about the decisions I make to ensure they are aligned with who I am & what I want out of life. It is why I have success (measured by me, and what that looks like for me to be fulfilled.) Its a constant work in progress. 

My advice to you: Decide what you want. Decide what is important to you. Make a conscious effort. Get clear on what success is FOR YOU. It is different for everyone. It takes work. So DECIDE what you’re working toward. #selfcompassion

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