Half a Year

July 11, 2019

I’m not sure how our souls found each other in this lifetime

Across the nation

Through days that we didn’t know would matter this much

Both in Space + Time…

But you feel like Home.

m ♡ j

One of the greatest acts of self compassion I ever granted myself was saying yes to love.

I wasn’t quite ready, the timing didn’t go to plan, I had my fears and reservations and yet…I said yes.

Yes to a first date.

Yes to the possibilities, yes to the unknown.

I wanted more for my life and I believed in magic and not quite a fairy tale but an honest and true kind of love.

I said yes to having that for myself.

I don’t know how it happened.

I don’t know when things started aligning. (My guess is many moons ago, but more on that later.)

I don’t know why I went thru the things I did and now have what I have and who I have and how suddenly my life looks so different on a “feeling/experiencing” kind of level. 

All I know is…you, my love… you are something else.

You amaze me.

You surprise me.

I would say yes to a first date with you a million times over. 

I love you. 

Here’s to a million more half years spent together, to growing individually and together, to adventures beyond our wildest dreams.

I am so happy to be by your side thru it all.

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