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That’s a problem for FUTURE ME.

August 26, 2019

Putting something off for future you to deal with isn’t always a great idea. In fact, most times it’s not a good idea at all.

But what if you looked at it differently?

“That’s a problem for future me” was an expression I heard at the RISE conference with Rachel Hollis in Dallas back in July. Now, I can’t remember who exactly was relaying the story, if it was Rachel or one of her speakers, but they were telling a story about their friend who put something off until tomorrow by saying- THAT’S A PROBLEM FOR FUTURE ME. The speaker wasn’t exactly thrilled with her friend for saying this, but let me tell you…

I stopped listening. My mind was blown.

I gotta say… I think this concept is GOLDEN.

Often times we say, don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today… because productivity blah blah, and YES! I am a firm believer in being productive and utilizing your day to it’s fullest potential. But…

I’m also someone who has struggled with anxiety in the past. Crippling fear at times, even. I have a long history of anxiety disorders and health struggles and plenty of experience in this realm to tell you first hand- this concept could be GROUND BREAKING for someone like me.

That’s a problem for future me.

The pain + infertility that comes along with endometriosis that has me paralyzed in fear of never having biological kids?

That’s a problem for future me.

The recession that may or may not come and what that would mean for my job?

That’s a problem for future me.

The huge mess in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned up but that I just literally don’t have the energy for? That’s a problem for FUTURE ME.


It’s a problem for me to tackle when I’m a little older, wiser, more patient, have more information, more success, more experience, have exhausted more options, etc etc etc.

With fear, this concept has the potential to completely change your perspective. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve bought a book (my choice of addiction) to remedy a problem I MIGHT ENCOUNTER one day, but am not presently in the throes of.

In fact, I’m looking at a book right now sitting on my bookshelf all about healing autoimmune disease when I, in fact, don’t have an autoimmune disease. (Always, always sharing my raw truth with you) It was purchased out of fear of what may come when a doctor told me I had a precursor to an autoimmune issue.

The truth is, we are always evolving. If you’re working on yourself, hopefully you’re evolving in the right direction 😉 so give yourself permission to stop worrying about it NOW, and instead focus on what you’re ACTUALLY dealing with right now.

I think you’ll find that it makes a pretty big difference.

Now, I’m not saying get lazy and stop taking the steps necessary to improve your health, your finances, your family life, your circumstances. But what I am saying is…a lot of what you are concerned about, that seems so BIG AND SCARY AND MOUNTING AGAINST YOU… isn’t here in front of you now. Or if it is, it isn’t quite as bad as your brain has made it out to be.

Your brain is telling you something bad is coming (because that’s it’s job!)…and your mind is running thru all of the scenarios about what you can do to solve the issue.

If the pain of my endo doesn’t go away, does that mean it’s back? Will I not be able to have kids? Will I adopt? Will my future husband leave me? Will I be looked at as LESS THAN for not being able to produce a child? Will my hypothetical marriage suffer? Will I be devastated?


I’m not married. I’m not presently trying to have a baby. I’m not sure why I’m having pain, but I do know the surgery I got in April for endometriosis was pegged as successful. So what does this mean?

I can stop the worrying and focus on what IS.

Instead of running thru a million scenarios (which are really just worries…), I can take action on what I have now- a little bit of pain.

And just for anyone wondering… pain =/= infertility.

At least not for me, and not right now. (So, self…relax)

Anything that comes my way is a problem for FUTURE ME. It’s my job right now to make sure that future me is loved and supported and evolving to higher enlightenment and maturity so that I will be just that much more capable of handling anything that life throws at me.

Let’s not let hypothetical things ruin our present REAL day. Let’s not let our joy be stolen by trying to do one more thing, worry about one more thing, or focus on one more thing.

Future me thanks present me for developing the tools and relationships that will benefit me later, and present me thanks future me for taking away the stress and worry of what may come 🙂

I really hope this helps you in your journey, and I really hope you can apply this to your own world of worries and fears and too many to-dos. If you like this idea, write me a comment below and tell me what you could use this for!

Love, Michelle

ps. If you want to see my face as I discuss this concept, see my video on YouTube!

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