If you’re here, it’s because you like to GROW.

You like to grow in your personal development, grow in your health, grow in your relationships with those around you.

You are open minded and ready to explore new things that could take you to the next level or improve your relationship with yourself.

You are on a journey to find the best way to love yourself and show yourself compassion along the way.

You know it’s not just the destination that’s beautiful, but the entire JOURNEY that you need to cultivate with joy and love and gratitude.

You are committed to putting your best foot forward in your life, even if you need a day off every now and then during a hard time.

And if you’re not?  Well, this probably isn’t the place for you then.


Hi 🙂

I’m Michelle and I write this blog and put together resources about mental wellness & productivity so you can go out and live your best life.

I have YEARS of experience with improving my mental health and have been obsessed with personal development since before I even entered into high school.  I love talking about the SELF: Self Compassion, Self Care, Self Love, Self Growth…

You’ll see that come thru in the words I write and the videos I produce.

My whole goal here is to create helpful content so you can IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.  I’m a firm believer that to have the happiest life and to go after your dreams, you need to dial in your mental health to the best of your abilities.

This is where it all STARTS.

I want to create a space for you where you can learn, grow, and pick up new how-to’s on improving your day to day life.

After all, isn’t life just days that we string together one after another?

Let’s spend our days in gratitude and joy and love and feeling good just by being our authentic self.

So that’s what we are here on this blog to do, in a non-judgmental, all inclusive environment.

If you want to go after your dream life, you’re in the right place.


I’m so happy you’re here.